martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014


BANDA: Desecrate The Faith

ALBUM: Disfigured Arrangement

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Texas Death Metal

PAIS: Houston , Texas , USA


1. Blasphemous Masturbation 04:57  
2. Breeding Abominations 05:06  
3. Serpent Absolution 04:34  
4. Disfigured Arrangement 03:25  
5. Demented Dissection 05:46  
6. Pray for Degradation 04:24  
7. Scorned Angels of Decayed Conviction 03:29  
8. Remnants of the Tortured (Abominable Putridity cover) 03:02  

Line Up

Coleson Cowden Bass
See also: Kleos

Mike Caputo Drums

Tyler Shiery Guitars

Jonathan Bayliss Guitars
See also: Semen Infected Anal Puss Pocket

John Hull Vocals (lead) (2013-present)
See also: Meshiha, Sadistic Butchering, Uncleansed, Viral Load, Cerebral Rot

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