sábado, 4 de enero de 2014


BANDA: Colpolscopy

ALBUM: Ready For Gore

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PASI: Oxnard, California , USA


01. Skull Rotten To Perfection 04:05
02. Quivering Entrails 05:09
03. Putrescent Scent Of Death 05:09
04. Visceral Discharge Consumption 04:08
05. Deflowered And Defleshed 04:44
06. Skillful Autopsy 05:16
07. Primitive C-Section 03:58

Line Up

Edward Ortiz Bass
Oscar Arellano Drums
Jesus Cano Cortez Guitars
Marcos A. Cortez Vocals
Ryan Gregory Vocals


BANDA: Engulfed In Blackness

ALBUM: Ceremonial Equinox

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Johnson City, Tennessee , USA


01. Intro 
02. Tortured Mentality 
03. Illusions Of Anguished Awakening 
04. Condemned To Existence 
05. Vomit The Impulse 
06. Spawn Of The Sacrilege 
07. Enthrallment 
08. Ceremonial Equinox 
09. Echoes In The Chasm

Line Up

Brian Kelley Bass (2013-present)
See also: Oakmoon

Adina Blase Guitars (2013-present)
See also: Cernunnos, ex-Benighted, ex-Angel's Decay, ex-Acheron, ex-Blood Stained Dusk, ex-Lilitu

Brandon Von Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (2013-present)
See also: ex-Malignant Christ

Christian Taylor Live Vocals (2013-present)

viernes, 3 de enero de 2014


BANDA: Embludgeonment

ALBUM: Infinite Regress

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Atco , New Jersey , USA


1. Morbid Fixation
2. Judas Complex
3. Intrusive Pure O
4. Denomination Debauchery
5. Decease
6. Dead End’s Own
7. Hypodermic Lust
8. Binary Interstitiality

Line Up

Mark Green Drums
See also: Aurora Borealis, ex-Amorphic Form, ex-The Adept, ex-Insatanity, ex-Pyrexia

Mike Mayo Guitars
See also: Waking the Cadaver, Ground, ex-The Adept

Lee Cozens Guitars
See also: ex-Pyrexia

Ken England Vocals
See also: ex-The Adept


BANDA: Proletar

ALBUM: From Mindless Syndrome To The Eternal Decay

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Death Metal / Grindcore

PAIS: Jakarta , Indonesia

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/proletarmince


01 Rotten Conspiration
02 Grind For Better Life
03 Jargon Sampah Slogan Para Pecundang
04 Di Bawah Penghisapan Negara
05 Outsourcing
06 Unnormally Mincing The World!
07 Sederet Angka Statistik Di Atas Meja Berlambang Keuntungan
08 War All The Time
09 Bergerak Di Garis Hasrat
10 War Against The New World
11 Damnation
12 Reek Of Putrefaction (Carcass Cover)
13 Day Of Suffering (Morbid Angel Cover)

Line Up

Levoy Drums, Vocals
See also: Extreme Hate, ex-Oldskull Grindcore

Ipuletar Guitars

Ryzki Vocals, Bass

jueves, 2 de enero de 2014


BANDA: Gastrorrexis

ALBUM: The Taste Of Putrefaction

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: San Gabriel , Carchi , Ecuador


1. Putrefaction without Oxygen
2. Smells of Death
3. Pollution in Advance
4. Brutality Raped
5. Endocranial Extirpation
6. Anus Vermin
7. Spreading in My Brain, Maggots Impregnated
8. Corpses Insanity
9. Lymphatic Filariasis

Line Up

Alex Bass
See also: Cefalophagia, Visceral Decay, ex-Corpulencia Verminosa

Marcelo Drums

Carlos Guitars, Vocals (backing)
See also: Sanguinary Execution

Romel Vocals


BANDA: Diaroe

ALBUM: Das Eskalat

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death / Grindcore

PAIS: Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany


1. Am Ende Bleibt…(Instrumental)
2. …Das Eskalat
3. Habgier
4. Sexuelle Verwahrlosung
5. Die Retardierung
6. Alkoholwahnsinn
7. Vater Unser
8. Blutige Ernte
9. I.V.G.N.E.D.V.N.V.B.H.
10. Logout

Line Up

Martin Grupe Drums
See also: Wounded Entrails, ex-Lethal Dawn, The John Doe Massacre

Joscha Riedel Guitars
See also: ex-Risoid System

Christian Markwald Vocals
See also: Phobiatic

Lukas Kaminski Bass (2013-present)
See also: Divine:Zero, Omnivores, ex-In Weak Lights (live)


BANDA: Plasmoptysis

ALBUM: Dawn Of The Plague (reissue)

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Bandung, West Java ,Indonesia


01. Rage Of Misanthropy (04:34)
02. Dawn The Plague (01:33)
03. Divination (03:28)
04. Rage Of Misanthropy (Instrumental) (04:30)
05. Possesing The Scriptures (Bonustrack) (03:50)
06. The Temple Of Agony (Bonustrack) (04:02)

Line Up

Sandro Armanda Bass
See also: Haul, ex-Mannequin

Dawan Saputra Drums
See also: Haul (live), ex-Mannequin

Dedy Kresna Guitars
See also: ex-Mannequin

Endry "Saenk" Noerdrajat Guitars
See also: ex-Mannequin

Argha Riyan Vocals
See also: ex-Mannequin

martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013


BANDA: Infernal Revulsion

ALBUM: Infernally Revulsed

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Kobe , Japan


1.Breeding the Dehumanized 03:21
2.Deluged 02:52
3.Will Is to Kill 02:53
4.Grin / Fear / Inflicted 03:16

Line Up

Kei Ishida Bass
See also: Infected Malignity, ex-Vomit Remnants

Yuto Sugano Drums

Katsuyuki Oota Guitars
See also: ex-One Last Victim, ex-Defiant Manner, ex-Infected Malignity

Hidenori Sato Vocals (2005-present)
See also: Hydrocephalic, ex-Immortality

Takahiro Yamauchi Guitars (2007-present)


BANDA: Afflictive Emasculation

ALBUM: Osvii Esse Deum

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Basque Country , Spain


1.Intolerantia Ad Poenitentiam, Secundo Capitolo Perpetuum Mobile 06:17
2.Cognito Fit Chaos 03:20
3.Iter Longum Dolorem 05:00
4.Umbrae Sunt Majores 04:11
5.Sceleratis Voces 03:18
6.Non Omnis Moriar 03:11
7.Non Metuit Mortem 05:53

lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013


BANDA: Big Toe

ALBUM: Christmas Fucking Brutal

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: London ,UK

BANDCAMP: http://gutturalbigtoe.bandcamp.com


1. All He Wants For Christmas is Your Two Front Teeth 02:04
2. Welcome to my Crib 01:51
3. Santa vs. Jesus (The Final Christmas) 02:14

line Up

Martin Guitars, Vocals (backing)

Captain Clunge-Plunge Guitars, Vocals, Programming

domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013


BANDA: Endemicy

ALBUM: Epitome Of Decadence

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Leipzig , Germany


01. Intro 01:18 
02. Radiation Of A Thousand Suns 04:10 
03. Murder Of Crows 04:35 
04. Heat Of My Sun 03:52 
05. Congregation For The Opression Doctrine 04:49 
06. Now I Become Death 04:18 
07. Destroyer Of Worlds 04:01 
08. Threshold Of Irrelevence 05:02 
09. Behold Perpetual Void 05:41

Line Up

Andi Bass, Vocals (2010-present)
See also: ex-Imperial Stench

Ringo Drums (2010-present)
See also: Ad-hoC (live), ex-Imperial Stench

Matthias Guitars, Vocals (2010-present)
See also: Dekrepitation, ex-Imperial Stench