sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Decomposition Of Entrails

ALBUM: Perverted Torments

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Deatyh / Slam

PAIS: Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region , Russia


1. Pathological Apotemnophilia
2. Ejaculation In The Disemboweled Body
3. Decaying Genitals
4. Orgasm Received By Ultra Tortures
5. Violent Hysterectomy
6. Vaginal Skin Conservation
7. Hook-Ripped Flesh
8. Viscera Suppuration
9. Stuffed Bitches Heads

Line Up

Rustam Minuraziev Bass, Drum programming

Egor Krotov Guitars
See also: Autopsy Malice

Kirill Nazarov Vocals
See also: Autopsy Malice

viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Mindly Rotten

ALBUM: Effacing The Origin

SONG: Effacing The Origin

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal death

PAIS:  Armenia , Colombia

MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/mindlyrotten

FACEBOOK: http://es-es.facebook.com/pages/MINDLY-ROTTEN/233166111789

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/mindlyrotten

Line Up

Carlos Mario Fisgativa Bass, Vocals (backing)
See also: Desosser

Juan Carlos Artehaga Drums
See also: Mental Apraxia

Andrés Mauricio Gallon Vocals, Guitars


BANDA: Abhorrent Decimation

ALBUM:Infected Celestial Utopia

SONG: A Putrid Vision 

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal death

PAIS: London , UK

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AbhorrentDecimation

Line Up

Matt Doubleday Drums (2013-present)
See also: Fleshrot, ex-Liquefied Skeleton, ex-Gridlock Takedown

Dave McKinney Guitars (lead) (2013-present)

Will Cooke Guitars (rhythm) (2013-present)

Ashley Scott Vocals (2013-present)
See also: Fleshrot, Surrounded by Disgust


BANDA: Unfathomable Ruination

ALBUM: Misshapen Congenital Entropy

SONG: Carved Inherent Delusion 

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal death

PAIS: London , Uk

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/unfathomableruination

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Unfathomable.Ruination.Official

Line Up

Federico Benini Bass
See also: Cerebral Bore, Trifixion, ex-Viscera, ex-Ditchcreeper, ex-Gorebound, ex-Eye of Solitude (live), ex-Hades Lab, ex-Septic Tank (Gbr)

Doug Anderson Drums
See also: Cenotaph, Karmyne, ex-Viscera, ex-Bloodshot Dawn

Daniel Herrera Guitars
See also: ex-Fleshrot

Daniel Neagoe Vocals
See also: Colosus, Deos, Eye of Solitude, God Eat God, ex-My Shadow, Clouds, ex-Fogland, ex-Gothic, ex-Imber Luminis, ex-Tiarra, ex-L.O.S.T. (live), ex-Amatris (live)

Rosario Piazza Guitars (2012-present)
See also: The Body Farm, ex-Cadaver Mutilator, ex-Cadaver Mutilator

jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Espermorragia

ALBUM: Pussy Grinder


GENERO: Brutal Death/ Porno Gore / Grindcore

PAIS: Buenos Aires , Argentina


1 _ Intro - Explosion Genital
2 _ Asfixia
3 _ Vomitos , Vilis y Diarrea
4 _ Perversion Senil
5 _ Pussy Grinder
6 _ The Dead Half (Broken Hope Cover)

Line Up

mario - viola
gabriel - bata
patricio - bajo
sebas - vox


BANDA: Omnioid

ALBUM: Sculptures Of Malignancy

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Australia


1. Oscillating Oblivion
2. Pathogenic Neurosis
3. Sculptures Of Malignancy
4. Earthly Tomb
5. Dissolving Human Existence
6. Cerebral Anomaly
7. Funeral Inception (Suffocation cover)

Line Up

Ewan Lambert - Vocal
Sambo Marwick - Guitar

miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Slamophiliac

ALBUM: Aborted Into Absolute Inexistance

AÑO: 2013 

GENERO: Brutal Death /Slam

PAIS:  San Antonio, Texas , USA


1.Repugnant Infestation Of The Womb (Feat. Todd Gore) 
2.Molested By The Exorcist 
3.Ritualistic Consumption Of Cerebral Remnants 
4.Aborted Into Absolute Inexistence 
6.Bludgeoned Whore (Feat. Todd Gore) 
7.Regurgitating The Grossly Deformed Fetal Remains 
8.Rancid Diarrhea Pussy (Perverse Imagery Cover

Line Up
Darryn "Doomgrinder" Palmer - Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Vocals


BANDA: Mass Burail

ALBUM: Gangrene Hymns

AÑO: 2013

GENRO: Death Metal

PAIS: Burgos , Spain


01. Beaten,Chopped And Eaten By The Porks
02. Unit 731
03. Gangrene
04. Persecution Mania (Sodom Cover)

Line Up

Oscar Bass
See also: Antecessor

Jorge Azofra Drums
See also: Authority Crisis, Evil Rise, Mind Holocaust, ex-Sinergia, ex-Ulzera

Angel Guitars
See also: Authority Crisis, Graveyard of Souls

Raúl Puente Guitars, Vocals
See also: Authority Crisis, Graveyard of Souls, Mistweaver, Pathfinder, The Undead Family

lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Avulsed

ALBUM: Ritual Zombie

SONG: Dead Flesh Awakened

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Death Metal

PAIS: Madrid , Spain

MYSPACE: https://myspace.com/avulsed

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/1991Avulsed

Dave Rotten Vocals (1991-present)
See also: Christ Denied, Golgotha, Putrevore, Sad Eyes, Yskelgroth, Bell's Fright, Unwom, ex-Anaemia

Jose "Cabra" Guitars (1992-present)

Tana Bass (1994-present)
See also: ex-Mistress, ex-GodHateCode (live)

Juancar Guitars (1994-present)
See also: ex-Sacrophobia

Osckar Drums (2012-present)
See also: Ákratos, Nightfear, Sobredosis, ex-Atmosphere Grey, ex-Hidden City


BANDA: Croque Mort

ALBUM: Necrophonic Terror

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death / Grindcore

PAIS: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


01. Ice Pick Lobotomy 01:50
02. Massacrés par milliers 03:00
03. You Will Never See Today 02:55
04. The Temptation of Murder 02:44
05. Red Eyes Blaring (Ft. Isaac) 01:50
06. Run and Hide 00:57
07. Anéantir 01:38
08. No One is Safe 01:05
09. Perdition 01:38
10. Reduced to Flesh 01:47
11. Apocalypse de Zombie (MORTICIAN cover) 02:13
12. Walking Corpse (BRUTAL TRUTH cover) 01:32
13. The Pulsating Feast + Bleeding Peptic Ulcer (REGURGITATE covers) 02:30
14. I See Lies (NASUM cover) 01:11
15. Hippie Cult (AGATHOCLES cover) 00:50
16. The Hillside Strangles (DAHMER cover) 01:01

Line Up

Dez D'Outre-Tombe : NECROPHONIC TERROR!/ Instruments of torture (Axes, buzzaw, grindmachinegun & growls from beyond the grave)


BANDA: Suicide Of Disaster

ALBUM: Excision Repulsive Entrails

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death / Slam

PAIS: Jakarta , Indonesia


01. Aroma Vagina Membusuk (02:43)
02. Emasculate Prostitute (02:59)
03. Excision Repulsive Entrails (03:58)

Total Play Time: 09:41

 Line Up

Engkong Drums
Ceper Guitars (2010-present)
Bagol Guitars, Vocals (2010-present)


BANDA: Baalsebub

ALBUM: The Great Plague
AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death / Slam

PAIS: Tallin , Estonia


01. Death by Boiling (03:18)
02. Disemboweled Child (02:04)
03. The Crank Wheel (02:31)
04. The Great Plague (03:11)

Total Play Time: 11:06

Line Up

Taavi Veidner Bass (2013-present)
Markus Saar Drums (2013-present)
Tarvi Neemelaik Guitars (lead) (2013-present)
Aleksei Sorokin Vocals (2013-present)


BANDA: Dead End Future

ALBUM: Surgical Delusion

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Death Metal

PAIS: Braunschweig, Lower Saxony , Germany


01. Playground For Assaults (02:06)
02. Kneedeep In The Dead (03:51)
03. Blasting Of Humanity (02:50)
04. Surgical Delusion (03:54)
05. Death Is knocking, Start Chopping (04:33)
06. God Is Lying (05:20)
07. Psychologically Disturbed (04:44)
08. Prelude To Hell (03:30)
09. Born, Raped And Killed (03:57)
10. Possession (03:12)
11. Scum (02:17)

Total Play Time: 40:18

 Line Up

Daniel Foroughi Drums
See also: ex-Dormant Misery

Andreas Neumann Guitars
See also: ex-ContrAggressive, ex-Divine Noise Attack

Jan Zuehlke Vocals

Christian"bazzshot" Bartels Bass (2009-present)
See also: ex-Cornucopia, ex-Divine Noise Attack


BANDA: Porky Vagina

ALBUM: Wymiociny z Chlew Machiny

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Goregrind

PAIS: Strzelce Opolskie , Poland


01. Kalomir - Porno Knur (02:25)
02. Kurwa Dance (Dr. Albonista Cover) (02:54)
03. Woda Ryje Banie (Bracia Figo Fagot Cover) (03:06)
04. Grube Baby (Backstreet Boys Cover) (02:54)
05. Ruchaj Swinie i Sraj (01:37)

Total Play Time: 12:58

Line Up

Bukkake John Guitars, Drum programming
See also: The Curse of Aborym, ex-Grind Your Brain, ex-Thanathron, ex-Ischl

Pig Fucker Vocals, Lyrics
See also: The Curse of Aborym, ex-Ischl

Pussy Pomper Bass (2013-present)


BANDA: Spinal Cord Ejaculation

ALBUM: Never Ending Shit

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death / Goregrind

PAIS: Melbourne , Australia


01. Suffering Cunt (00:19)
02. Provocatively Making A Defiant Display Of Our Inner Slut (01:38)
03. Fucking Dead Kids For Practical Purposes (01:01)
04. Fisting Your Cat While Sniffing Glue (01:20)
05. Bite Your Cum (GG Allin Cover) (00:51)
06. Cuntburping Dickcunt (00:59)
07. Beating Bitches For Not Having A Dick In Their Mouth (01:09)
08. Fried Potato Foreskin (00:45)
09. Injecting Aids Into Your Mum's Veins While She's Asleep (00:53)
10. Cutting The Dumb Cunt's Tits Off (01:38)
11. Chicken Fillet (GoreAnus Cover) (00:54)
12. Cumming On Your Mum's Ass Hair (00:59)
13. Sexual Intercourse With Dead Babies (00:54)
14. Fucking Your Sister's Gooch (01:23)
15. Scratching Your Cunt Skin (01:37)
16. Goochitch (00:14)
17. Sleeping Inside Your Dickhole (02:15)
18. Violently Fucking Yourself With Frozen Pieces Of Shit (02:26)

Total Play Time: 21:25

Line UP

Ivan Vier https://www.facebook.com/ivan.vier.fukyou
- guitar

Joel Fedoro http://www.facebook.com/joel.fedoro
- drums

Leigh Roy Firth https://www.facebook.com/leigh.firth.9
- live Vocals 

Jake Agostino - https://www.facebook.com/jake.agostino.7
- live bass


BANDA: Pyemesis


AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Goregrind

PAIS: Iceland


01. Intro (00:58)
02. Body Melt (01:08)
03. Super-Devil (01:11)
04. Gut Licker (00:44)
05. Floatation (00:41)
06. World View (00:47)