sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Deicide

ALBUM: In The Minds Of Evil

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Death Metal

PAIS: Tampa , Florida , USA


01. In the Minds of Evil (3:53) 
02. Thou Begone (3:44) 
03. Godkill (3:11) 
04. Beyond Salvation (2:58) 
05. Misery of One (3:21) 
06. Between the Flesh and the Void (3:55) 
07. Even the Gods Can Bleed (2:58) 
08. Trample the Cross (3:00) 
09. Fallen to Silence (3:10) 
10. Kill the Light of Christ (3:30) 
11. End the Wrath of God (3:13) 

Line Up

Glen Benton Bass, Vocals (1989-present)
See also: ex-Amon, ex-Vital Remains

Steve Asheim Drums (1989-present), Guitars (2008)
See also: Order of Ennead, ex-Council of the Fallen, ex-Amon, ex-Evil Amidst

Jack Owen Guitars (2004-present)
See also: Adrift, ex-Beyond Death, ex-Cannibal Corpse, ex-Grave Descent, ex-Estuary (live), ex-Order of Ennead (live)

Kevin Quirion Guitars (2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2011-present)
See also: Order of Ennead, Shadow Society, ex-Council of the Fallen

viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Sadistic Butchering

ALBUM: Sculptor Of Flesh

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Houston , Texas , USA


1.The End of The Christian 
2.Fallout Infected Flesh 
3.Rotting Menstruation Of The Holy Whore 
4.Zombie Fetus 
5.Blood Grazing Human Sacrifice 
6.Sculptor Of Flesh 
7.Realm Of Pure Insanity 
8.Plague Infested Zombie Warfield

Line Up

John Hull-Guitars,Bass,Programming,Vocals

jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Sacrificial Slaughter

ALBUM: The Great Oppression

AÑO: 2013 

GERNERO: Death Metal / Grindcore

PAIS: California , USA


1. Debaucherizor
2. Demand Degradation
3. Communion Of Lies
4. One With The Scum (Code 13)
5. Compound Fracture
6. Necrotic Exposure
7. 80 Proof Justice
8. The Inhuman Scourge
9. Reign Of The Hammer
10. The Great Oppression

Line Up

Steve Worley - Vocals
(Past Members) - 
Duane Timlin - Drums
Aaron T. Whitesides - Guitar, Vocals
Necro Nick - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jorge Dominguez - Bass
Bryan Roth - Drums
Steven Calton - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Harris VI - Drums
Viking James - Guitar
Shankar Singam - Bass
Derek Falk - Guitar
Nick Varkatzas - Drums
Paul Coultrup - Bass
"Bodybag" Bob Babcock - Guitar
Scott Vogt - Bass
Kyle Slominski - Guitar/Bass
Steve Warth - Drums
Charles Hill - Guitar
Seth Levitt - Drums


BANDA: Antithesis

ALBUM: Subjugator Of Machine

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Technical Death 

PAIS: Ciledug - Tangerang, Indonesia


1. Cyberthronic Throne of Victory
2. Grow and Kill
3. Subjugator of Machine
4. Tatkala Garis Kemenangan
5. End Human Tears
6. Pledge of Name Armageddon Army
7. Different Rassial Wars
8. Human Prostate to Machine

Line UP

Ieckhmal Toge - Vocal and Bass

Satrio Kura - Lead Guitar

Randi Pakonk - Guitar and Vocal

Andi Bayau - Drummer

martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013


BANDA: Goresoerd

ALBUM: Asulum

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Death Metal

PAIS: Tallinn , Estonia


1. Depressiivmeedia
2. Masin
3. Poomine
4. Kuningas-Direktor
5. Soerd
6. Kloonitud Jumal
7. Uppunud Loomade Varjupaik
8. Kurjajuur
9. Surnud Siber
10. Porguekspress
11. Asülum
12. Raibe Lenda

Line Up

Martin Lepalaan Bass
See also: Burn Still

Ken Drums
See also: Nihilistikrypt, ex-Catafalc

Meelis Guitars
See also: Whaw!Zaiks, ex-Cenotaph, ex-Tharaphita (live)

Stig Lindeberg Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Forfeit, ex-Symbolic State, ex-Scavenger, ex-Discrucior

Nagy Vocals
See also: ex-Catafalc


BANDA: Pyorrhoea

ALBUM: I Am The War

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death / Grindcore

PAIS:  Warsaw , Poland


1. Messiah  
2. Scornseed  
3. I Am the War  
4. We Deserve  
5. Vermin  
6. Lies  
7. Greed  
8. Filth  
9. Devourmentrace  
10. Monstrosity  
11. Killing  
12. Addiction  
13. Diseaselection  
14. Sodomy  

Line Up

Paweł "Amon" Koszała Drums
See also: ex-Namtar, ex-Revelation of Doom, ex-Bloodwritten, ex-Innervoice

Cyprian Konador Bass (2001-present)
See also: Conquest Icon, ex-Moredhell, Evil Machine, Gastric Vomits, ex-Hate, ex-Hellectricity, ex-Season, ex-Devilyn

A.D.Gore Guitars (2002-present), Vocals (2013-present)
See also: Centurion, ex-Opus Nocturne, ex-Anticipate, ex-Mesmerized, ex-Gortal (live)

Lukas Guitars (2004-present)
See also: ex-Abused Majesty, ex-Sphere, ex-Hate (live)