domingo, 13 de julio de 2014


BANDA: Stages Of Decomposition

ALBUM: Piles Of Rotting Flesh

AÑO: 2014

GERNERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Los Angeles , California , USA


01. Genital Adipocere
02. Cadaveric Molestation
03. Chainsaw Disemboweled Cadaver
04. Acid Bath Orgy
05. Piles Of Rotting Flesh
06. Devoured And Defecated By Swine
07. The Butcher Of Plainsfield
08. The Burning
09. Schizophrenic Nympho

Line Up

Daniel Smoo Drums, Vocals

Cesar Barajas Guitars

Salvador Rodriguez Bass, Vocals (2009-present)


BANDA: Beneath

ALBUM: The Barren Throne

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Reykjavík , Iceland


01 Depleted Kingdom
02 Chalice
03 Barren Throne
04 Putrid Seed Of Affection
05 Iron Jaw
06 Sovereign Carnal Passion
07 Sky Burial
08 Veil Of Mercy
09 Mass Extinction Codex
10 Storm Drainer
11 Unearthed

Line Up

Gísli Rúnar Guðmundsson Bass (2007-present)
See also: Diabolus

Ragnar Sverrisson Drums (2007-present)
See also: Atrum, Azoic, ex-Ophidian I (live), ex-Svartidauði (live), ex-Valkyrja (live), ex-Diabolus, ex-Withered

Unnar Sigurðsson Guitars (2007-present)
See also: ex-Changer, ex-Ophidian I

Jóhann Ingi Sigurðsson Guitars (2007-present)
See also: ex-Changer

Benedikt Natanael Bjarnason Vocals (2013-present)
See also: Azoic, Offerings


BANDA: Disguster

ALBUM: Differentiated Punishment

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai , Russia


1. Differentiated Punishment
2. Massacre Of Neighbour
3. In Bad Time, Bad Place
4. The Oligarh
5. She Loved His
6. The Corpse In The Bushes
7. The Stench Of Town’s Crematorium
8. 56

Line Up

Stupen "Dither" Dmitry Bass

Burkin "Killsinpeople" Evgeny Drums

Shaldeev "Disguster" Denis Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Blood Spitting


BANDA: Heisenberg

ALBUM: Heinsenberg

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Long Island , New York , USA


1.Plecostomus Prime
2.Meth Shots
3.Explosive Innards
4.Glory Hole Confession Session (Ft. Joe Marchese)
5.The Pantera Factor
6.Black Metal Joe
7.Razorblade Enema
8.Fulminated Mercury

Line Up

Tim Schmidt Drums (2011-present)
See also: ex-Praeter Morte, ex-The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon

Brandon Moran Guitars (2011-present)
See also: ex-Burn Them All, ex-The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon

Billy Haiduk Bass (2012-present)
See also: Ellery Park

Paul McGrath Vocals (2013-present)
See also: ex-Two Shells Left


BANDA: Internal Devour

ALBUM: Aborted And Slaughtered

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Brisbane , Australia 


1. The Fetus Bin
2. Aborted And Slaughtered
3. Unspontaneus Human Combustion
4. Cadaver Fornication
5. Endless Amounts Of Corpses
6. Force Fed Acid
7. Collector Of Souls
8. Split Open Shitting Entrails
8. Inlaws And Hacksaws (Demo)

Line Up

Brodie Nagel Bass

Peter Lowther Guitars

Kyle van der Ryken Guitars

Matt Turkington Vocals


BANDA: Splattered

ALBUM: Guttural Species

AÑO: 2014 

GENERO: Brutal Death 

PAIS: Fremont , California , USA


01. Birth 01:07
02. Skinned And Devoured 03:29
03. Guttural Species (feat. Trevor Strnad) 03:52
04. Sculpted Flesh Puppet 03:13
05. Pervasive Aura Of Dementia 02:47
06. Abnormal Necrosis 02:41
07. Seething Putrid Malevolence 01:55
08. Dismembered By Perverted Limbs 03:06
09. Remnants Of Bile Consumed 02:47
10. Glistening Septic Discharge 03:24

 Line Up

Andy Smith Vocals
See also: ex-Logistic Slaughter

Andrew Fire Drums (2012-present)

Travis "Slam" Burger Guitars (2012-present)

John Wesson Bass (2014-present)


BANDA: Burdens Of Misanthropy

ALBUM: Missionary

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Columbus , Ohio ,  USA



01. The Perverse Intent 01:13
02. Brimstone And Salt 02:16
03. An Atrophy Of The Mind 01:25
04. Bastard Jesus 02:09
05. March To Hell 01:59


BANDA: Afflicted Creation

ALBUM: Collapse

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death / Deathcore

PAIS: Ellingsrud, Oslo, Norway


01.Introduction To Collapse
06.Portrait Of A Lady
07.The Cleansing

Line Up

Stian Hebjerk (Vocals)

Ridoan Taibi (Guitar)

Daniel Hanssen (Bass)

Emil Kordahl (Guitar)

Mats Olsen (Drums)


BANDA: Fecal God

ALBUM: The Flesh We Mutilate

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Germany / Italy


1. Sadistic Cunt Modification
2. Reincarnated Into Feces
3. Open Heart Sodomy
4. Infest The Wound
5. Savor Your Dead (Cannibal Whore)
6. Confessions Of The Blood Junkie
7. Killed For Nothing
8. Thee Flesh I Mutilate
9. Decomposing Memories
10. Force Fed Death
11. Disease And Spreading
12. Spinning In Agony (Brodequin cover)
13. Reincarnated Into Feces (Redneck Version)
14. Waves Of The Swollen Cadaver

Dani Guitars, Bass, Drums (2013-present)
See also: Doomsilla, Human Rejection, Bandwhore, Cemetery Slüt, Diabolation, Doomsilla, Drenched, Dysembrioma, Puriform, Skin Tomb, ex-Debauchery, ex-Luna Field, ex-Arktulus

Max Vocals (2013-present)
See also: Clitoridus Invaginatus, Xenomorphic Contamination, ex-Vomit the Soul, ex-Modus Delicti, ex-Septycal Gorge


BANDA: Cerebral Effusion

ALBUM: Idolatry Of The Unethical

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Ermua , Basque Country , Spain


1. Exposed To Abjection
2. Narcissistic Taphonomy
3. Unscrupulous Inebriated Emaciation
4. Consummation
5. Lingering Pulse Of Laceration
6. Terminally Decimating Neurogenesis
7. Defamatory Fetish

Line Up

Cosme Bass, Vocals
See also: ex-Opposer

Eihar Drums
See also: Gory Delivery, ex-Haemophagia

Jabo Guitars
See also: Numen

Peñas Guitars
See also: ex-Apocalyptic


BANDA: Placenta Powerfist

ALBUM: Parasitic Decay

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal death

PAIS: Hamm , Germany


1. Intro
2. Pesticial Insemination
3. Forced Testicle Removal
4. Abscess Infestation
5. Virgin Dismemberment
6. Cannibalistic Holocaust
7. Baptized In Entrails
8. Anancastic Rhypophagy
9. Recurring Cauterization
10. Obliged To Defecate

Line Up

Andree Kress Vocals
See also: Endometritis, ex-Stillbirth

Nils Corhsen Drums (2009-present)

Adrian Budzyn Guitars (2009-present)

Philipp Broscheit Bass (2010-present)


BANDA: Slamophiliac

ALBUM: Stam Obsessed

AÑO: 2014 

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: San Antonio , Teexas , USA


1. Fetish for Abduction (Feat. Gauge Schmidt) 03:17
2. Bitch Electrocution 04:02
3. Hanging from a Meathook 03:48
4. Sadistic Sexual Slaughter (Feat. Zack Shaw) 03:29
5. Extraterrestrial Self-Mutilation (Feat. Tim Read) 04:12
6. Grotesque Decomposition of Amputated Body Parts 03:32
7. Biomechanical Oblivion (Feat. Bob Shaw) 02:33
8. Drowned in Moonshine (Feat. Todd Gore) 03:43

Line Up

Darryn Palmer All instruments, Vocals (2013-present)
See also: Spilling Entrails, ex-Perverse Imagery, ex-Slam Induced Groove, ex-Human Carcass Crop Circle, ex-Accepting the Apocalypse, ex-Anal Bush, ex-Exiting the Law, ex-Spear Gored, ex-Stone Age Anarchy

Duncan Bentley Vocals (2014-present)
See also: Vulvodynia


BANDA: Septicaemia

ALBUM: Septicaemia - Compilation

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Beijin , China


. 1 Zombie King [Amháin] coilíneach 05:21 
. 2 zombie ar [II] éabhlóid 04:21 
05:23 3 Dawn na Marbh. 
4 Zombies Grá 03:03. 
5 killer paranoid [Next]. 03:56 
6. killer paranoid [II] bíseanna 03:24 
7. scrios 3:20 
8. necrophilia 04:49 
9. eisfhearadh / ionsú 03:55 
10. seadánacha 03:09 
11. anchuma (Vomit [ CN] chlúdach) ceithre sé 
12. scrios Shiansach (clúdach Megadeth) 03:49

 Line Up

Fei Lei Bass
See also: Hyonblud, 施教日

See also: Regicide, 冥界, 呕吐

See also: 呕吐

See also: ex-Hyonblud, ex-Knell

Vocals (backing)
See also: The Dark Prison Massacre, 祭月奸尸, ex-Cuntshredder


BANDA: Coprocephalic

ALBUM: Desolation Of Conjoined Embodiment

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death / Technical / Deathcore

PAIS: Cali , USA / Taipei City , Taiwan


01. Desolation Of Conjoined Embodiment (Feat. Angel Ochoa)
02. Throne Of Ooze (Feat. Matti Way)
03. Retunding Our Humanity (Feat. Blue Jensen)

Line Up

Hsuan Liu Drums
See also: Guttural Corpora Cavernosa

Christiani Peluso Guitars
See also: ex-Cerebral Engorgement, ex-Splattered, ex-Intracranial Butchery (live)

Larry Wang Vocals
See also: Gorepot, Guttural Corpora Cavernosa, Beyond Cure, ex-Flesh Juicer


BANDA: Relics Of Humanity

ALBUM: Ominously Reigning Upon The Intangiblere

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Minsk , Belarus


1. Ominously Reigning Upon The Intangible 03:57
2. Deconsecrating The Almighty 03:32
3. There Is No Salvation In Divine Eyes 03:47
4. Dimensions Of Hatred 03:21
5. Amongst The Burning Souls 01:48
6. Through The Worlds Of Chaos Concetration 04:06
7. Immortally Dethroned 03:04
8. Progression Of Suffering 04:47
9. Paralyzing The Light 05:22

Line Up

Pavel Vilchitsky Drums

Sergey Liakh Guitars

Phil Woods Vocals

Vladimir Borodulin Vocals (2014-present)


BANDA: Veiyadra

ALBUM: Gehenna

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Tokyo , Japan 


1. Spiritual Chaos
2. Diabolical Aberration
3. Xeno Spawn
4. Remorseless Divinity
5. Cataclysmal World
6. Cacodemonic Perdition
7. Ebon Origin
8. Bones Of Misery
9. The Defiling
10. Pulverizer
11. Absorb The Agonal
12. Dysgenic Enmity

Line Up

Reichi Tanaka Bass (2011-present)
See also: ex-Pilgrim

Koju Okayasu Drums (2011-present)
See also: Exsanguination

Go Shimada Guitars (2011-present)
See also: ex-兀突骨

Akihiro Muto Vocals (2011-present)
See also: My Material Season, Myocardial Infarction, ex-Pilgrim, Agent 0, Death Script, VulGo


BANDA: Corpsefucking Art

ALBUM: Quel Cimitero Accanto Alla Villa

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Rome , Lazio , Italy


01. Sympathy For The Zombie 03:04
02. Cemetery By The House 03:17
03. Night Of The Chicken Dead 03:18
04. Cat In The Brain 02:47
05. Blood Everest 02:33
06. Centrifuged, Washed And Strangled 02:37
07. The Mask Of Mr. Daisy 02:37
08. The Song With No Name 03:22
09. Voracious Tomatoes 02:14
10. The Meaning Of Death 02:27

Line Up

Andrea Cipolla Guitars (1996-present)
See also: Morbo, Bomberos, ex-Corpsegod, ex-Enthralment

Marco De Ritis Bass (2000-present)
See also: ex-In Low Spirits

Eddie Vagenius Drums (2012-present)
See also: Southern Drinkstruction

Mario Di Giambattista Guitars (2014-present)
See also: Devangelic, Stench of Dismemberment, Vulvectomy, ex-Coprophiliac, ex-Demonian, ex-Disfigured, ex-Endaemona, ex-Putrid Dismemberment, ex-Perfidy Biblical

Southern Bastard Vocals (2014-present)
See also: Southern Drinkstruction


BANDA: Pillory

ALBUM: Evolutionary Miscarnage

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death / Technical

PAIS: Boston , Massachusetts , USA


1. And The Defeated Emerge
2. Mass Enmity
3. Evolutionary Miscarriage
4. Imbeciles In Defiance
5. Phantasmagorical Beasts
6. Purify The Commonwealth
7. The Mental Defective
8. Nihilarian
9. Distorted Axiom
10. Lixiviated
11. Bipedal Prosecution

Line Up

Darren Cesca Drums, Vocals, All instruments (2014-present)
See also: Eschaton, Incinerate, ex-Goratory, ex-Virulence, ex-Hideous Deformity (live), ex-Arsis, ex-Embers from Cremation, ex-Vile, ex-Burn in Silence, ex-Strappado


BANDA: Devour The Fetus

ALBUM: Cook N Roll

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death / Goregrind

PAIS: Paris , France


1. I Puked A Fetus
2. Baby Con Carne
3. Ombilical Spaggheti
4. Uterhoven
5. 42 Fetus In My Fridge
6. Maternal Cheesecake
7. Caesarean Buffet
8. Cooked Like A Pig
9. Tequilamniotic
10. Formol (Fetus Alcohol)
11. Period Pussy Poo (With Onions And Carots)
12. Chimney Babycue
13. Babynception
14. Fecore From Breetaland

 Line Up

Zyigh Guitars, Drum programming (2011-present)

Renan Vocals, Drum programming (2011-present)
See also: Absinthebolik, ex-Anomaly

Florent Bass (2012-present)

Cyril Guitars (2012-present)
See also: Heartbolt


BANDA: Blood Thirsty

ALBUM: Sanguine River Absolution

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death / Symphonic

PAIS: Huntersville , NC , USA


01. Slaughtering Sin
02. Mercy Of The Storm
03. Crush The Head Of The Serpent
04. The Day The Devil Lost
05. Omniscient
06. Chaos Conqueror
07. When The Flesh Explodes
08. The Engrafting
09. Blinded
10. Scared To Death
11. Behold, The Fire

Line Up

Derek Corzine: all instruments


BANDA: Festering Remains

ALBUM: The Destruction Of Sanity

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Umea , Sweden


1. The Destruction of Sanity [03:21]
2. Horrendous Visions of the Past [02:56]
3. Mutilating the Mind [03:27]
4. Master of Deception [04:02]
5. Deranged Dementia [04:09]

Duracion 17:55

Line Up

Erik Karlsson Guitars (2011-present)

Tim Svanberg Vocals (2011-present)

Kim Wikman Bass (2012-present)
See also: Facial Abuse, Deranged Morphology