jueves, 24 de julio de 2014


BANDA: Flesh Disgorged

ALBUM: A Pulchritudinous Macabre

AÑO: 2014

GENERO: Brutal Death

PAIS: Singapore


01. Rejected To Self-Mutilation
02. Screams Of Forced Agony
03. Exenteration Of The Rectal Carcinoma
04. Indulging In Fecal Debauchery
05. Sweet Flesh Solder
06. Disservering The Pustule Sarcoma
07. Daging Terburai
08. Erectile Disfunction Of The Blue Balls Effect
09. Slit The Clit
10. No No No
11. Perverse Elegance Of Butchery
12. Abattoir's Choice Of Dismemberment
13. Forced Extirpation Of Carconigenic Stoma

Line Up

Fuckraped Farrid Bass

HammerCunt Faizal Drums

Cumfucked Shah Guitars

Nazgulth Za Guitars

Pig Grinder Arif Vocals
See also: Projectile Disembowelment, Wormrot, ex-Buto, Code/Error

GroinGrind Salim Vocals

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