jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013


BANDA: Gutfucked

ALBUM: Fucked To Death

AÑO: 2013

GENERO: Brutal Death / Slam

PAIS: Florida , USA


1. Intro 02:27
2. It's Not Rape If She Cums 03:47  Show lyrics
3. Too Sick to Suck It 03:31  Show lyrics
4. Fingering the Meat Grinder 03:37  Show lyrics
5. Sister Fister 04:02  Show lyrics
6. Starved, Carved and Torn Apart 04:14  Show lyrics
7. Crushed at the Imperial Hand 04:33  Show lyrics
8. Pick a Hole or Make One 05:10  Show lyrics
9. A Night with Uncle Daddy 05:30  Show lyrics

Line Up

Nate Flores Drums (2011-present)
See also: Exophagy

Anthony Davis Guitars, Vocals (2011-present)
See also: Exophagy, Your Last Memory

Josh Smith Vocals (2011-present)
See also: Serocs, Impending Pestilence, ex-Monumental Torment

Josh Cuchens Guitars (2012-present)
See also: Your Last Memory

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